Welcome to our (not so existent- yet?!) income and expenses as we travel aimlessly across the country

I mean, we can always look on Craigslist’s help wanted ads to see if someone needs their lawn mowed or wood stacked for gas money… right?

Kidding (or are we?). As you read here, we worked 6 to 7 days a week between multiple jobs to help get us some extra money in order to pay gas, groceries, and truck stop showers along our journey.

Want to support us and fill our gas tank, buy us showers (because you know we need them), or laundry, check out this page here!

April 2023

We started ripping everything out and rebuilding our van to fit two people and a dog in April. All expenses are from the build during this month.

Website Host & Domain for 5 years: $129.17

Hardware/Lumber Stores: $544.36

Solar Equipment: $199.38

April Total: $872.91

May 2023

We finished building our our van within the first 10 days of May, so a lot of expenses are from that so far. We’re hoping to head out on our journey early Friday, May 12- fingers crossed because the original date was Tuesday, May 9! Plus, Mattea’s birthday is May 16th and we want to be somewhere cool!

Hardware/Lumber Stores: $24.43

Transmission fluid changed, synthetic oil change, control arm replaced: $430

Gas: 1034.78

Groceries: 387.72

Fast Food: 24.30

Water: 3.20

Parking: 15

Oil Change: 98.65

Spotify: 13.70

Total: $2031.53 (as of 5/31)